Useful links

Bliss is a charity that was set up to ensure that premature and sick babies received the best care possible. Bliss supports medical research into improving the health of premature babies by funding research into areas such as preventing bacterial infections during childbirth. They offer support for families who are caring for premature babies and they undertake political campaigning to obtain more funding for neonatal care.

Mencap provide advice and support for those with learning difficulties. It offers many services including residential care services, employment services and housing services to help those with learning difficulties lead and independent life.

The Newlife charity provides help for disabled children and their families. Newlife has a care team that offers support and advice for professionals and families caring for disabled and terminally ill children. If your child requires any specialist equipment such as a wheelchair or a hoist you can apply for a grant to help you cover the cost. Newlife also funds research into a variety of different areas that improve child health care.

Scope is a charity that promotes equal opportunities for disabled people. They provide practical advice and emotional support to disabled people and their families. They offer a range of services such community engagement programmes and employment services.

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